Kelvin Timeline D4x Bird-of-Prey

Hector ortiz kdf kelvin x3 bridge 2c

This time we decided to go a bit brighter instead of the usual red illumination on the bridges. We wanted it to feel a bit different and new, but not too much.

Hector ortiz kdf kelvin captain seat back

This is another view for the main stations. Later I realized the seat was too cushy for an officer so I gave it to the captain instead.

Hector ortiz kdf kelvin seats 2

This chair came straight from a WW2 airplane. Doesn't look comfortable, but any Klingon worth his salt would never complain about those "petty" comfort matters.

Hector ortiz kdf kelvin triangle screen

Special elements have to be explained separately. In this case there's not a lot of surface information because that is explained in the main scene render and spec sheets. That way I don't have to completely illustrate everything. Efficiency is the goal.

Hector ortiz 3d blocks

Here I'm quickly blocking the bridge. Sometimes we do many variations at this stage. We export this into the game engine and walk around with characters just to see if the space is just right for our camera and NPCs AI system.

Hector ortiz in game

These are in-game renders of the final deliverable. Thanks ZEFilms Productions for making the video used to grab these shots!

This is the bridge for the Kelvin Timeline D4x Bird-of-Prey to be released for Star Trek Online's expansion, Agents of Yesterday. This time I decided to show a bit more of the creation process.

July 2, 2016